83 minutes | May 11, 2021

Ep. 15: With the Qur'an | Shaykha Maryam Amir

Shaykha Maryam Amir joins the Qarawiyyin Podcast for a conversation on women seeking religious knowledge: access, barriers, missteps, and successes. We discuss the challenges women commonly face when attempting to access even basic information about their deen. Shaykha Maryam dispels misconceptions regarding women reciting the Qur'an, and illustrates the power of reciting and memorizing the Word of Allah ﷻ. Shaykha Maryam Amir received her master’s in Education from UCLA and a second bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies through Al-Azhar University. She has also studied in Egypt, memorized the Qur’an and has researched a variety of religious sciences, ranging from Quranic exegesis, Islamic jurisprudence, Prophetic narrations and commentary, women’s rights within Islamic law and more for the past 15 years. She actively hosts women who have memorized Quran from around the world to recite and share their journeys through her Into the Revelation Series and the #FOREMOTHERS campaign. Maryam’s focus in the fields of spiritual connections, identity actualization, social justice and women’s studies have humbled her the opportunity to lecture throughout the United States and the world, including in Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Stockholm, London, Toronto and more. She holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and speaks multiple languages. You can follow Shaykha Maryam on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. _ The Qarawiyyin Project aims to revive the tradition of Muslim women being at the forefront of discussing the most critical issues of our time from an Islamic perspective, and empower women to be active in their communities around the world in carrying Islam as a way of life. Read our publications: qarawiyyinproject.co Subscribe to our newsletter: qarawiyyinproject.substack.com/welcome Email us: contact@qarawiyyinproject.co
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