125 minutes | Mar 28, 2021

Ep. 14: Back to the Future | Khilafa & Islamic Governance

100 hijri years have passed since the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate, marking a milestone in the history of Islamic governance. In Episode 14, the TQP team sits down for a conversation on the concept of Khilafa, the Islamic political model, and challenges for envisioning Islamic governance in the modern period. _ The Qarawiyyin Project aims to revive the tradition of Muslim women being at the forefront of discussing the most critical issues of our time from an Islamic perspective, and empower women to be active in their communities around the world in carrying Islam as a way of life. Read our publications: qarawiyyinproject.co Subscribe to our newsletter: qarawiyyinproject.substack.com/welcome Email us: contact@qarawiyyinproject.co
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