129 minutes | Jan 30, 2021

Ep. 12: Green Wave - Islam in Europe | ACHIME

In Episode 12, the Qarawiyyin Podcast welcomes two guests: Sara K. Shehlawi and Noha El Haddad, the founders of ACHIME, or the Association of Muslim Girls in Spain. As European populism and anti-Islamic sentiment manifest in new and uglier ways, we ask: what sparked this, and what does it mean for the global Ummah? Sara and Noha examine the challenges Muslims face in Spain, Prophetic wisdoms for dealing with them, and projections for the future of Islam in Europe. Sara K. Shehlawi is a student in East Asian studies majoring in Chinese and interested in Chinese history and politics, and is also a student of the Islamic Sciences. She is one of the founders of ACHIME, a Muslim girls association that seeks to create a comfortable environment where young Muslim girls can grow and acquire knowledge about their deen and society. Noha El Haddad Boufares is an Emergency Physician specialized in Family and Community Medicine, with a Master's degree in Emergencies, Disasters and Catastrophes. She is of Morrocan origin, and also a co-founder and former president of ACHIME. She is currently finishing a Master's Degree in Advanced Studies on Islam in the Contemporary European Society at the Complutense University of Madrid. ACHIME - Chicas Musulmanas de España: www.asociacionachime.com Follow ACHIME on Instagram: instagram.com/achimeofficial _ The Qarawiyyin Project aims to revive the tradition of Muslim women being at the forefront of discussing the most critical issues of our time from an Islamic perspective, and empower women to be active in their communities around the world in carrying Islam as a way of life. Read our publications: qarawiyyinproject.co Email us: contact@qarawiyyinproject.co
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