116 minutes | Dec 26, 2020

Ep. 11: Palestine — Revelation & Realpolitik | Dr. Aysha Wazwaz

The Qarawiyyin Podcast welcomes Dr. Aysha Wazwaz for a discussion on Palestine. As we witness shifting rhetoric about the liberation of Palestine, normalization efforts with the occupying force, and complicity from religious scholars in these efforts, we ask: what is the religious significance of Palestine? Why are Muslims dropping the banner of Palestine advocacy? What is the role of scholars in politics (and must we defer to them)? Shaykha Aysha Wazwaz is a researcher, author, an Islamic studies lecturer and a chaplain at St. Catherine university. Formerly a lecturer at the Islamic University of Minnesota, she holds a B.A degree in Islamic jurisprudence ( fiqh) and an M.A degree in Contemporary Islamic Studies from Al-Quds University. She has a PhD in Islamic Studies from Jinan University in Lebanon. She is the founder and CEO of Gems of Light, an institute dedicated to educating Muslim women in the Islamic tradition. Visit her website: gemsoflight.com _ The Qarawiyyin Project aims to revive the tradition of Muslim women being at the forefront of discussing the most critical issues of our time from an Islamic perspective, and empower women to be active in their communities around the world in carrying Islam as a way of life. Read our publications: qarawiyyinproject.co Email us: contact@qarawiyyinproject.co
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