61 minutes | Feb 5, 2020

234 - Gambino Bambino (Well Hi Cat) & Tawny - Like Gold

On episode TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR of The Purrrcast, Sara and Steven chat with Tawny about her two kitties: Tom Petty and viral sensation, Gambino Gambino aka “Well Hi Cat.” We learn about the cats’ origins, their dynamic at home, how the “Well Hi” video all went down, and more! The Purrrcast, talking to cat people because we can't talk to their cats.

The Purrrcast is the cat podcast for you and your feline friends. Based in Los Angeles, hosts Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris chat with fellow cat enthusiasts about the furry little creatures they love. Not sure how the cats feel about it though.

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"Well hi!" https://www.instagram.com/p/B5i4Q0fDMBY/? 

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Honking Cat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS3jlUPPf5U

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