54 minutes | May 13, 2021

157 Stress and Anxiety Relief from Home with Katy Kern

I have been honest with all of you that pretty much all my life I have suffered from anxiety. And the last few years, between all my miscarriages, running a business, now having a baby… I can frequently feel not only the mental and emotional strains of my anxiety and stress, but also the physical ones. I am seriously SO happy in life, but my body still feels the physical pain of stress. And I, like so many of us, need to learn how to care for our physical bodies and how to destress. In this episode of The PurposeGirl Podcast, I’m fortunate to be joined by soul sister Katy Kern, a wellness practitioner and coach who offers a holistic approach to stress relief. Katy is a recent graduate of my Goddess on Fire Business Mastermind – which is opening for enrollment soon! Be on the lookout! – and I have loved watching her step into her purpose and into her purpose-based business. Katy and I of course talking about stress and long-term healing, but she also walks me through some relief exercises that you can follow along to, too. By bringing multiple tools and resources together, Katy facilitates long-term relief from pain, management of stress, and ultimate well-being. Katy shares with us how attending to a yoga practice some years ago was the starting point of her very own healing journey, through which she has learnt several ways of approaching a balanced well-being of body and mind.  Katy and I talk about: How there are many levels of healing and pain relief, and all need to be addressed to really get to a state of relaxation. The science behind the physical response to stress, so you can understand why getting a massage feels good but then days later you’re ready for the next one… Actions you can take on a regular basis to help heal your own body, physically and emotionally. How to learn your own body’s cues so you can adjust as needed. A walk through of a self-massage and acupressure session that you can do on your own at home. About Katy Kern: Katy is a wellness practitioner and coach, offering a holistic approach to stress relief. By bringing multiple tools and resources together, Katy facilitates your long-term relief from pain, management of stress, and ultimate well-being. www.Facebook.com/groups/219883419458347 www.instagram.com/katy.kern https://www.katykern.com/   Connect with Carin Rockind:  Follow Carin on Instagram Join the PurposeGirl's Happiness Network Facebook Group Subscribe to the PurposeGirl Newsletter Check out The PurposeGirl Website Buy Carin's Book - Wonderful You!  Love this episode? Love The PurposeGirl Podcast? Then share the love!! Go to Apple Podcasts and leave a 5 star review, subscribe so you never miss an episode, and download ALL the episodes to listen again and again! And share the PurposeGirl Podcast with every woman you know – that’s how we change the world one woman at a time!! Thank you so much for listening, love, and if you aren’t following me already, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. May you live purposefully, may you love yourself, and may you love life!! Bye for now! XO, Carin
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