48 minutes | Apr 16, 2021

153 Leveling Up the Human Species with Colleen Osborne

Each little action counts, sister. And my guest today is the perfect example of this in practice. If each of us believes our actions have impact, we WILL change the world. It’s a choice, though, to believe we have impact and agency, and that if we put our minds to anything huge, we will be able to achieve it. Colleen Osborne, my soul sister, multi-time client – literally, this incredible woman was in Goddess on Purpose and then my business Mastermind, Goddess on Fire - and friend is going to be the President of the United States. Okay, maybe not, but she is an incredible leader and a perfect example of making a big difference with small actions that matter. Colleen and I are talking about: What small actions Colleen has taken in her own world that has changed the lives of countless people around her. How to get around Imposter Syndrome so that you can do everything your heart desires boldly and bravely! The key to taking the first step in leveling yourself up. How everyone has a labor of love project, and how to figure out what yours is. That impact for yourself is also impact that changes the world How to stay grounded, centered and clear while doing the hardest work of changing the world. Colleen got so much out of the Goddess on Purpose program, and now you can too! Want to be a Goddess on Purpose? Goddess on Purpose started this past Wednesday but you can still sneak in! And sister, this is THE PLACE. (www.goddessonpurposecourse.com). To uncover your purpose, to do so in a feminine, PurposePowerful, juicy way? Among sisters all over the world, likeminded women doing all of this with you, Goddess on Purpose is the only way! Join us, Sister! Want more PurposeGirl?? Ready to be your full Goddess on Purpose self? And desire Sisterhood who feels the same? Join the Free PurposeGirls Facebook Group! I post prompts, motivation, and do free live videos and challenges to get you on purpose and loving life!! Click here to join (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PurposeGirlsGroup/). Also make sure you’re getting my newsletter – that’s the first place I send announcements about events, programs and share purpose and happiness tips. Click here to receive my newsletter for free (https://carinrockind.com/newsletter)! Love this episode? Love The PurposeGirl Podcast? Then share the love!! Go to Apple Podcasts and leave a 5 star review, subscribe so you never miss an episode, and download ALL the episodes to listen again and again! And share the PurposeGirl Podcast with every woman you know – that’s how we change the world one woman at a time!! About Colleen Osborne:Through personal and leadership coaching, leadership development, and her writing, Colleen Osborne serves others in their quest for personal discovery, growth, and having a meaningful impact on the world. She is owner of Osborne Associates Consulting, a business which is devoted to helping humans and purpose-driven organizations achieve their full potential.  Colleen sees herself as a Catalyst for growth, evolution, and change at the individual, organizational and societal levels. Colleen is working to “Level Up” the human species. She deeply believes in Hope and views Hope as an active endeavor.  Her blog, Alive with Hope, and her newsletter, The Good News and The Good Do’s, spread hopeful messages and encourage people to change the world, one tiny action at a time.  She is changing the world through her involvement with local initiatives to address homelessness, using her skills to amplify, uplift and support women of color, being an outspoken voice for belonging, and promoting civil dialogue to bridge differences.  With 30 years of professional experience, Colleen’s expertise spans human resources, training and development, leadership development, coaching, and mediation. She is a Career Development Facilitator and a certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and the Newfield Network. In her free time, Colleen enjoys meditation, qi gong, time with her husband Hugh, and building community in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where she lives.   Connect with Colleen: The Good News and The Good Do's: https://goodnewsandgooddos.substack.com/ Twitter: @Colleen10713773 Thank you so much for listening, love, and if you aren’t following me already, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. May you live purposefully, may you love yourself, and may you love life!! Bye for now! XO, Carin
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