55 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

145 BE You with Jessica Zweig

Have you ever found yourself chasing goals with a lot of effort, feeling like a hamster in a wheel, only to feel disappointed and empty after achieving them? You do do do and still aren’t happy?! Sad but true, most of us were taught to go after generic goals like a prestigious degree, a big salary or a fancy house, rather than to look deep into ourselves to figure out who we are and what we want for our lives.  In this episode of The PurposeGirl Podcast, Jessica Zweig, award-winning entrepreneur and one of the nation’s most preeminent branding experts teaches us how to BE before we DO. She and I have so much fun diving into how to create your personal brand and have ultimate success. Jessica was a “DO’er” with a seemingly successful business, but under the facade, she was broke, in debt, and suffering. She shares her deep transformation journey that led her to a very final conclusion: first, you just have to be you. In this episode, Jessica and I discuss the following: The #1 first step to true purpose (and it’s not what you think). How to shift from VICTIM in your life to the powerful CREATOR who creates whatever you desire. The key mindset tweak that will change how you think about failure. Why personal brand matters and how to create it. The key to personal branding (gulp – vulnerability) and how to do it. Small baby steps you can take to move forward. A detailed step by step guide to build an authentic platform for marketing your brand, business and purpose. Follow Jessica on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook (@jessicazweig) and learn more about SimplyBe at www.simplybeagency.com. Also, don't forget to check out Jessica's book! Be: A No-Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself (https://amzn.to/3s4AMlG). This episode is brought to you by The Women’s Day Event – the world’s largest, most powerful women’s day event on the planet. Join Carin and 20+ world-renowned teachers, speakers, coaches, and fitness experts speaking on leadership, purpose, happiness, sensuality, and entrepreneurship so that you create the best, most powerful 2021 possible! Register for FREE at www.thewomensdayevent.com Want to REALLY rise up, live your purpose, hit your goals and be magnetically RADIANT? Crave Sisterhood support? Join the Free PurposeGirls Facebook Group! I post prompts, motivation, and do free live videos and challenges to get you on purpose and loving life!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/PurposeGirlsGroup/ Also make sure you’re getting my newsletter – that’s the first place I send announcements about events, programs and share purpose and happiness tips. https://carinrockind.com/newsletter Love this episode and The PurposeGirl Podcast? Share it! Go to Apple Podcasts and leave a 5 star review, subscribe so you never miss an episode, and download ALL the episodes to listen again and again! And share the PurposeGirl Podcast with every woman you know – that’s how we change the world one woman at a time!! Thank you so much for listening, love, and if you aren’t following me already, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. May you live purposefully, may you love yourself, and may you love life!! Bye for now! XO, Carin About Jessica Zweig Jessica Zweig is an award-winning entrepreneur and one of the nation’s most preeminent personal branding experts. As the Founder/CEO of SimplyBe. Agency, Zweig’s visionary work in defining and enhancing personal brands has gained her many notable accolades, including being named one of Crain's Chicago's 2020 Most Notable Entrepreneurs, one of Inc.’s Top Digital Marketer to Watch in 2017, a Personal Branding Expert by Forbes, and one of the Chicago Tribune’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow. Zweig also received a Stevie Award® “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018 and 2019. Zweig is also the host of The SimplyBe. Podcast, one of the Top 20 Marketing podcasts on iTunes. Guests of the show include NYT best-selling author Candace Bushnell, global peace ambassador Prem Rawat, and designer Rebecca Minkoff to name a few. Zweig’s highly anticipated debut book, “Be. A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself” was released in February 2021, with Sounds True Publishing (Macmillan).
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