56 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

144 LOVE with Hubby Joshua Klur

Love, romance, challenges, #relationshipgoals, OH MY! Goddesses...this week, I have the BEST guest for you... my HUBBY!! Yep, for the first time ever, my love, Josh, is joining me on the mic to talk about our relationship, and oh my Goddess... it's JUICY!!

On this episode we DISH, we banter, we flirt... we get into the nitty gritty of our relationship - how we met, first impressions, what works, what challenges us, and how we move through it all!! In honor of Valentines Day, you'll hear a super flirty, fun he said/she said recount of our first date, and to keep it real, we also share the old baggage we brought in, and the heartbreak we had going through not one, but two miscarriages. (Hint: it was NOT easy on our relationship.) We dish about our worst habits together and we get smoochy and kissy and sexy in the episode too. You''ll hear it ALL! The truth is that our relationship is far from perfect and our road has NOT been easy. We've dealt with a lot of challenges and hurdles - from the miscarriages to family issues to trust issues having both been married before. We're always learning and growing, and as you'll hear in this episode, we use our tools to grow together. 

Specifically, you'll hear:

*How I moved past first impressions that Josh was *not* the "one"

*The MASSIVE most romantic thing EVER Josh did at our wedding!! (SWOON!)

*How we choose to do marriage our way, even if unconventional to others - and the critical thing I did to empower me to get married again.

*How Josh has helped me be more open to receiving love and feeling worthy of it (You're gonna die over this!)

*What makes our marriage work even though we have different love languages and strengths and can get on each others' nerves!

*The critical thing we do when going down a bad path of blame, shame or fighting! 

*The easy to adapt tools we use to stay connected and in love

You'll LOVE this one!! And I wanna hear what you think!!! Share about it in your Insta and Facebook stories and tag me @carinrockind so more and more women and couples get the love they desire! 

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