54 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

143 Turning Grief into Gold

Everyone can relate to grief right now – with COVID and lost jobs and political turmoil and and and… there is so much to grieve it can be overwhelming. But if you are able to transmute your grief into power, it can literally be life changing. Grief is one of the most powerful emotions in the spectrum, so being able to actively harness it and make that shit into fertilizer can truly change everything for you. There is power in that deep emotion. There is power in your pain, sister. And we are here as your sisters to witness you wielding it.

In this episode of The PurposeGirl Podcast, I’m fortunate to be joined by Sara Chizek, a Grief and Sensuality Coach who empowers women to harness the energy of grief, anger, stuckness and turn this energy into joy, pleasure and power to unlock their desires. Sara shares with us how losing her father at the age of 4 lead her to do some serious questioning of her beliefs in her adulthood. She has harnessed her grief and used it to power for goodness in her life.

In this episode, Sara and I discuss the following:

  • How so much of what you may be seeking to numb – consciously or subconsciously – is much more nurture than nature.
  • The common source of our need for validation.
  • How emotions are stored physically in the body, and how this has an impact on our overall health.
  • How grief is actually useful data for us.
  • How most people are afraid of facing grief since they believe that if they “go there” they won't be able to make it back.
  • Sara leads us through a practice on grief, one that is powerful and transformative that I know you will find useful.

You can learn more about Sara's work on her official web page (https://sarachizek.com/). You can also follow her on Instagram (@thesarachizek) and facebook (@sara.chizek). Last but not least, don't forget to check out “Grieve and Glow”, her 10-week group program to make grief your superpower and reclaim your sensual radiance, beginning in February 2021.

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About Sara Chizek

Sara Chizek is a Grief and Sensuality Coach. After losing her dad when she was 4 and being largely numb to the pain of loss for many years, she learned how to alchemize her pain and turn grief into her superpower. Now, she empowers women to harness the energy of grief, anger, stuckness and turn this energy into joy, pleasure and power to unlock their desires. Sara leads workshops, has an online community and offers private and group coaching.


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