33 minutes | Jul 31st 2020

Somya Munjal on Youth Entrepreneurship & Socioeconomic Empowerment...

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Ep #224 - Somya Munjal, the founder of Youthful Savings, Managing Partner of CPA for the People LLP and Creative Director of Audacious Endeavors, joins me on the show this week to talk about her one clear mission in life, socioeconomic empowerment. By working hard, understanding the economy and collectively transacting consciously, she believes all can be empowered and live a better life.


Somya is a social entrepreneur with a passion for helping people through financial planning, education and impact-driven entrepreneurship. She is a Certified Public Accountant, a FINRA licensed financial advisor and currently pursuing a Juris Doctorate. Her social enterprises focus on fiscal and monetary policy reform through the empowerment of people. ​Somya is a board member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council Young Professionals Program, an appointed member of the city of Santa Monica Performance Advisory Committee and an appointed member of the Accountancy Executive Advisory Council at Northern Illinois University. She is dedicated to solving socioeconomic issues and appreciates the opportunities of growth that solutions-based, action-oriented thought communities provide to her mission.


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