29 minutes | Sep 18th 2020

Creating 'The Vacation Effect' in Your Business with Denise Gosnell...

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Ep #231 - This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Denise Gosnell, a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, productivity hacker, attorney, author, and real estate investor. Denise owns 3 companies: a coaching/training company, a law firm, and a real estate company. Through her company, The Vacation Effect, Inc. (www.vacationeffect.com), Denise helps busy entrepreneurs learn how to use unconventional scheduling and growth strategies to grow their business even faster by working up to 40% less.  

In fact, those same strategies are what allow Denise to work an average of 3 days per week running her 3 companies in 3 different industries, while having 2 business days per week for any creative or other pursuits she desires.  But life wasn’t always like this for Denise.  She used to be a workaholic who worked 70-80 per hours per week, until a house fire and some emergency surgeries gave her an attitude adjustment about the importance of living life in the “now”.  She then stumbled onto the secret of what she now calls “Growth By Subtraction” after those incidents.

Denise is an 8-time author and has been featured in dozens of media outlets over the years, from television, radio, newspaper, magazines, blogs, and more.  She also has a new book coming out in 2020 called “The Vacation Effect”.

In this week's interview, we go into the principles of 'The Vacation Effect' and how entrepreneurs can get back their time by implementing a few key strategies to shift their focus and priorities. This is a must listen for any business owners or professionals that want to get more done in less time. Don't miss this powerful interview with Denise Gosnell.


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