34 minutes | Jul 24th 2020

Can Learning Early With Games Make You A Genius?

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Ep #223 - This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Opher Brayer and Mark Hirsch to discuss a unique education platform called 'Games of Genius' that teaches children the foundations of how to learn. Opher, a world-famous talent coach and educator, developed this program for parents of children aged 4 and up, because the educational system hasn't changed in decades. It fails to prepare our kids for a world where robots and AI will outperform humans and replace many of the jobs that exist today. The games you’ll discover on Games of Genius have turned poor performers into stars, transformed schools around the world and enabled Opher's son to attend college at age 13.


Mark is a highly accomplished executive with a string of successes in new and existing venture start-ups, product development, sales and marketing. He's a strategy-driven business leader with 20+ years of experience across multiple industry verticals spanning e-commerce, financial publishing, information products, public relations, and more. With Opher as his partner, Mark is aiming to take the 'Games of Genius' platform to a worldwide audience and turn it into a household name.


In today's interview, we discuss the process behind 'Games of Genius,' why our current education models fail and how this program can turn any child into a "gifted" prodigy. Listen in for the details.


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