43 minutes | Jun 5th 2020

Andy Seth on Finding Peace Within The Struggle...

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Ep #216 - In this week's edition of The Driven Entrepreneur, I'm joined by Andy Set. a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and music producer who has founded nine successful businesses and helped thousands of people to break the cycle of poverty. He's also raised millions of dollars for charities tied to this cause. Andy's the CEO of 'Flow Marketing' and serves as the Trustees Chairman for Minds Matter.

Andy has been featured by national media outlets including CNBC, CBS, The Huffington Post, Wall Street & Technology, and Comcast Newsmakers. He's won numerous awards and been featured in the “Forty Under 40” and “Top 25 Most Influential in Colorado”.

But things weren’t always so cush. Until the age of 14, Andy lived in a Los Angeles motel with his sister and parents. He was an entrepreneur from the jump, launching his first business at the age of thirteen while earning full-ride scholarships to Culver Military Academy and Boston College.

He’s a husband and father and on any given day you’ll find him meditating, volunteering, and running the nation’s first digital agency founded with an apprenticeship program, Flow. Enjoy this week's interview with Andy Seth.


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