31 minutes | Sep 11th 2020

17 Year Old Coach, Shawn Swick, Teaches Other Teens To Be Positive & Productive

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Ep #230 - Earlier this year, I met Shawn Swick, a young entrepreneur that shared a powerful story about losing a high school classmate to suicide and how the experience inspired him to study the subjects of positivity and happiness so he could prevent other people from experiencing the same fate. Shawn, still just 17 years old, now helps other high school students and young adults to become more positive, happy, strong and productive. 


In this conversation, I explore Shawn's upbringing, what he's learned from his research on positivity and how parents, peers and teachers can do more to recognize signs of suicide or depression so they can address them in a healthy way.


Learn More About Shawn Swick:


Visit Shawn Swick's website at: http://shawnswick.com/


Take the Positivity Quiz at: http://shawnswick.com/index.php/positivity-quiz/


Listen to Shawn's podcast, "Positivity School," at: http://shawnswick.com/index.php/podcast/


Follow Shawn on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/shawn.swick/


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