19 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Non-Partisan David vs. the D.C. Disenfranchisement Goliath: Independent Krucoff Promotes Douglass County MD as the Future of Washington DC

Independent candidate David Krucoff is running for the non-voting D.C. Congress position without much hope of unseating incumbent Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton for her 16th term. Instead, Krucoff seeks to call attention to his non-partisan “retrocession” solution to D.C. disenfranchisement – the creation of Douglass (as in Frederick Douglass) County, Maryland as the new and fully enfranchised home for Washington, D.C. citizens. 

Could David’s retrocession proposal slay the D.C. disenfranchisement Goliath? Krucoff says he’s in it for the long game with the hope of seeing Douglass County, Maryland created before the 2030 census. Tune in to find out how non-partisan candidates and proposals can take on partisan politics on Episode 12 of The Purple Principle

Original music composed and created by Ryan Adair Rooney. 

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