22 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

Comedy & Partisanship: The Transcendent Laugh with Special Guest, Myq Kaplan

Ok, Comedians, make America laugh with surprising, original jokes that offend absolutely no one and work equally well in our very blue, very red and very antagonized parts of the country... 

To the Purple Principle team, that seemed a near-impossible challenge in today’s partisan environment. 

With Episode 8, The Purple Principle begins a series of related discussions with comedians starting with Myq Kaplan, who has performed on Conan, The Tonight Show, The Late Show and put out 7 solo comedy albums, including his latest, AKA. 

Can stand-up comedy survive the triple threat of polarization, political correctness and cancel culture? Myq Kaplan asserts that comedy is up to the challenge and deftly destroys our carefully constructed hypotheses. Tune in to learn, laugh and appreciate the art of comedy in a challenging age.

Original music composed and created by Ryan Adair Rooney. 

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