1 minutes | Sep 4, 2020

Welcome to The Pulso Podcast

Welcome to The Pulso Podcast. We bring you untold stories & unheard voices...The Latino voices you aren’t hearing in the news and the stories you didn’t learn in history class. 

Pulso is a non-profit media startup that reaches more than a million Latinos across the country with our news, history and culture stories that keep the pulse on nuestra gente. 

Who’s nuestra gente? You are, Latinos in the US who want to learn more about our community and play a part in shaping it for the better. Latinos have been a part of this country since before its founding. As some of the earliest inhabitants of this land, Latinos from Western states could rightfully claim they never crossed the border, the border crossed them. We’ve been a part of this great American experiment since it’s very beginning. From the halls of congress to the stages of broadway, even the food we consider to be American. We helped build this country and we’re not going anywhere.

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