52 minutes | Nov 25, 2018

Episode 6 - Monsters, Murder, and Fun!

The season finale of The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. wraps up with Dick Dirk, Vicky Vance, Uncle Ooley and Silvia following Gwen's trail through the old, run down, Nazi-ridden, Waggle Labs. Meanwhile, Gwen comes face to face with answers, and, her Tic Tac Man. This explosive finale features the stars: Alice K. Johnson, Cristina Pitter, Daniel Contreras, Antonio Thompson, Cait Eggers, Sam Fox-Hartin, Christopher DeLuca, Aldo Malaspina, Spencer Andrew Taylor, Sonja O'Hara, Deb Radloff, and Kevin Laibson Music by: Andy McCarthy and Lavinia Pavlish Edited by: Daniel Contreras Written and Created by: Daniel Contreras and Christopher DeLuca Story Editor: Daniel Contreras www.gwengween.com www.danielcontreras.me
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