38 minutes | Oct 15, 2018

Episode 4 - Until The Moment We Come

Gwen jumps at shadows trying to unravel her latest musical case, all the while trying desperately to find meaning in the mysterious bracelet bearing her mother's initials. Promise kept, buttrockers. Check out the one and only Nicklestained's latest release! https://nickelstaind.bandcamp.com/releases This Episode features the stars: Alice K. Johnson, Cristina Pitter, Daniel Contreras, Antonio Thompson, Cait Eggers, Sam Fox-Hartin, Christopher DeLuca, Aldo Malaspina, and Spencer Andrew Taylor Music by: Andy McCarthy and Lavinia Pavlish Edited by: Daniel Contreras Written and Created by: Daniel Contreras and Christopher DeLuca Story Editor: Daniel Contreras www.gwengween.com www.danielcontreras.me
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