37 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

Weight Loss Strategies with Rory Paquette

In this episode of the Proud Dad Society, Luc speaks with Rory Paquette, author of the 5% Diet. Rory shares thoughtful tips and practical strategies for healthy weight loss. Rory is not just talking about it: he has done it. He lost more than 50lbs following incremental changes with great success. And he documented it all in his book the 5% Diet. https://www.amazon.com/5-Diet-lose-40-400-poundsAbout Rory Paquette:"Rory W. Paquette is a professional speaker, author and sales trainerspecializing in sales and weight loss. For years he has shared hiscutting edge philosophies on how to market yourself as an independentcontractor or sales agent in the age of social media to large andsmall audiences around the country.  In addition, he has taughtclasses and lectured on modern selling in the new age of media forreal estate companies, newspapers, radio stations, billboard companiesand television networks.  He also is an accomplished youth sportscoach. His teams have won 14 championships in 4 different sports overhis 12 year career.  Now, in his latest book “The 5% Diet” he isgiving people a closer and deeply personal look into his lifelongbattle with weight gain that has gone on behind the scenes of asuccessful sales and coaching career, and how it deeply affected hisrole as a husband and father.  Rory has been a husband for over 20years and is a father of 3 amazing children.  They are his “Why” andthe reason he continues to try to help others.  With Rory, what yousee is what you get.  Real talk, real answers, from a real person. "The Proud Dad Society podcast is a production of the Stubborn Brothers!We would love to hear from you:email: prouddad@prouddadsociety.comIG/Twitter: Prouddadsociety  
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