35 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

57: Reclaiming Sexual Health after Prostate Cancer - Jeffrey Albaugh Ph.D., APRN, CUCNS

Many men and their loved ones could feel overwhelmed after getting a prostate cancer diagnosis. They might fear that they will never have sex again. Although those are normal feelings, men need to know that there is hope, and it is possible to reclaim intimacy and closeness with their partner after treatment for prostate cancer. 

Today, we are honored to have Dr. Jeffrey Albaugh, an internationally recognized expert on sexual health, joining us on the podcast. Be sure to tune in today! You will not want to miss our very informative and eye-opening interview with Dr. Albaugh.

Dr. Jeffrey Albaugh is a Board Certified Advanced Practice Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist, researcher, and Director of Sexual Health at NorthShore University Health System, near Chicago, Illinois. He is also a certified sexuality counselor, and he has led the sexual health clinic at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago for over a decade serving our Veterans. 

In addition to his many publications in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books on sexual dysfunction, Jeff has recently published the 2nd Edition of his book Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer. He is an internationally recognized speaker and expert. He has spoken throughout the United States, as well as Spain, Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Dr. Albaugh completed his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in Chicago, with NIH-funded research examining the quality of life after the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men following post-prostatectomy. He has won multiple awards for his outstanding patient care. He got quoted in the media and publications about the treatment of sexual dysfunction in the New York Times, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, WGN News, CBS 2 News in Chicago, Chicago Tribune Red Eye. He has been featured in the Ask the Expert column of the Chicago Tribune. 

Disclaimer: The Prostate Health Podcast is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this podcast should be construed as medical advice. By listening to the podcast, no physician-patient relationship has been formed. For more information and counseling, you must contact your personal physician or urologist with questions about your unique situation.

Show highlights:

  • Dr. Albauch reviews how the various forms of prostate cancer therapy can potentially affect sexual function.
  • Dr. Albaugh shares how he has gone about shifting the paradigm of sexual function after prostate cancer therapy.
  • Dr. Albaugh discusses the changes he has seen in terms of outcomes and patient satisfaction since he has been helping shift the landscape of men’s sexual function after treatment for prostate cancer.
  • The landscape is unfortunately not moving as quickly as Dr. Albaugh would like it to move.
  • Dr. Albaugh explains why he wrote the book, Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer.
  • What men and their loved ones should be aware of concerning orgasm following prostate cancer treatment.
  • Dr. Albaugh explains why penile shrinkage might occur following treatment for prostate cancer.
  • It can take several years for the nerves to recover after prostate cancer treatment.
  • Dr. Albaugh explains what penile rehab is all about and what men can do to help regain their sexual function.
  • Dr. Albaugh discusses some of the options available to help men in regaining sexual function.
  • The success of erectile dysfunction treatment is dependent on partner integration. Dr. Albauch describes the kind of guidance he offers the partners of men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment.
  • You can download a free copy of Dr. Albaugh’s book, Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer, from his website

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