21 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

55: First PSMA-Targeted PET Gallium Scan for Prostate Cancer Approved by FDA - Robert E. Reiter, MD, MBA

We have some exciting news today! The FDA recently approved the first PSMA-targeted PET Gallium Scan for Prostate Cancer. In this episode, we will be talking to Dr. Rob Reiter, one of the primary investigators instrumental in helping to bring this new technology forward to get it approved for its initial use here in the USA. 

Dr. Reiter is the Bing Professor of Urology and Molecular Biology and Director of the Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently the principal investigator of UCLA’s SPORE (Specialized Program in Research Excellence Program), a twelve-million-dollar research grant from the National Cancer Institute to develop new diagnostic and treatment options for men with prostate cancer. 

His clinical interests include robotic surgical management of prostate cancer and MRI and molecular imaging tools to manage this disease. He attended Stanford Medical School and completed his urologic training at Stanford and Baylor College of Medicine. He completed additional fellowship training in urologic cancer at the National Cancer Institute. Be sure to listen in today to learn more about this new technology.

Disclaimer: The Prostate Health Podcast is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this podcast should be construed as medical advice. By listening to the podcast, no physician-patient relationship has been formed. For more information and counseling, you must contact your personal physician or urologist with questions about your unique situation.

Show highlights:

  • Dr. Reiter gives a brief overview of some of the imaging tests that have been used over the years for prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Reiter explains why he thinks that MRI has revolutionized how we diagnose prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Reiter explains what PSMA stands for.
  • Dr. Reiter talks about the newly approved PSMA targeted PET Gallium Scan for Prostate Cancer.
  • Dr. Reiter explains how the drug gets administered before the testing.
  • Dr. Reiter describes the situations where the new scan has been approved to help men with prostate cancer. He also describes the advantages of the PSMA PET technology when compared with older imaging options.
  • Dr. Reiter tells us which US locations have currently been approved to offer the PSMA PET scan.
  • Dr. Reiter discusses whether the PSMA PET scan is covered currently by Medicare and private insurance companies.
  • Dr. Reiter discusses the possibility of The PSMA PET scan supplanting the MRI or becoming an adjunct to it.
  • Dr. Reiter talks about some potential future applications of the PSMA agent in addition to its current indications with initial staging and localization of recurrence.
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