12 minutes | Mar 18, 2021

53: Chronic Prostatitis/Pelvic Pain Syndrome Series (Part 2 of 3): The Urologist’s Perspective – Joshua Gonzalez, MD

Welcome back for Part 2 of our Chronic Prostatitis/Pelvic Pain Syndrome Series. 

In part one, we covered the science and research sides of the disease. In this episode, we will be getting the MD perspective. We are excited to have the board-certified fellowship-trained urologist and men’s health expert, Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, joining us on the show today. 

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez is a board-certified urologist currently practicing in Los Angeles, California. He completed his urology residency training at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and received additional fellowship training in sexual medicine at UCLA Medical Center. He specializes in the management of male and female sexual dysfunctions. In addition to managing issues surrounding sexual medicine, Dr. Gonzalez also treats a variety of common urologic conditions, including benign prostatic disease, prostatitis, and pelvic pain syndrome, voiding dysfunction, and male infertility. Throughout his career, Dr. Gonzalez has focused on advocating for sexual health and providing improved health care to the LGBTQ community. Dr. Gonzalez has been a frequent guest on various men’s health podcasts. He has also had a guest appearance on the Doctor’s TV Show. 

Be sure to stay tuned today to find out what Dr. Gonzalez has to say about chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. 

Disclaimer: The Prostate Health Podcast is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this podcast should be construed as medical advice. By listening to the podcast, no physician-patient relationship has been formed. For more information and counseling, you must contact your personal physician or urologist with questions about your unique situation.

Show highlights:

  • Dr. Gonzalez reviews what prostatitis is.
  • Dr. Gonzalez explains how commonly prostatitis occurs.
  • Dr. Gonzalez discusses the different types of prostatitis.
  • Some of the common signs and symptoms of each of the different types of prostatitis.
  • Dr. Gonzalez walks through what men can expect at a clinic visit while getting evaluated for possible prostatitis. He explains what sort of examinations and testing they could undergo.
  • Dr. Gonzalez describes how the treatments differ when looking at the different types of prostatitis.
  • Dr. Gonzalez discusses additional treatment options other than physical therapy that are available for men struggling with prostatitis.
  • Dr. Gonzalez talks about things, like certain foods and activities, that could trigger episodes of prostatitis.
  • Although prostatitis is very common in men, about ninety to ninety-five percent of the cases are non-infectious chronic prostatitis.
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy could be life-changing in many cases and could even cure the problem.

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