41 minutes | Jul 7, 2020

Property Management Update From Andrew

Would having a company do your tenant screening for you free up some time? Brad’s guest today is Andrew Schultz, the broker/owner of Own Buffalo Inc., a real estate and property management company in New York. Andrew is also the host of the RentPrep for Landlords Podcast in addition to having his own show. Listen as they discuss property management and RentPrep for the landlords plus much more on this episode of The Property Management Mastermind Show.   Andrew shares about his business and how it is doing during this pandemic. He speaks about the classes his properties fall under, and the time it takes to get a property approved for section 8 housing benefits, which is why he charges a fee to the owners. Andrew also talks about a program his company has that has been working really well so far.   Do you have in-depth screening criteria? Brad and Andrew discuss how important it is to screen well if you want to have a low percentage of late payments and foreclosures. Andrew shares how he got involved with RentPrep and the screening process they use that works well for Own Buffalo, Inc.   If you haven’t listened to the RentPrep for Landlords Podcast, you should, and if you are a property manager, landlord, or investor, want to connect, share, learn, collaborate, and sign up for the RentPrep for Landlords Facebook group. You will be glad you did.   In this episode: [02:30] Welcome back to the show, Andrew! [02:34] Andrew shares a little about himself. [03:32] What is going on in your company during this pandemic? [05:22] Andrew describes what he means by A, B, and C class properties. [07:15] Andrew speaks about his section 8 housing and the time it takes to get through the section 8 paperwork process. [09:25] Do you see section 8 housing authority expanding into your B class properties? [11:29] Brad speaks about charging owners of the Class B properties to start the approval process for housing authority funds for people who can’t pay their rent. [15:18] Andrew shares a program his company does that works well. [17:38] Andrew discusses how they handle their accounts, getting all the funds upfront, and providing a packet that explains everything. [20:08] Brad and Andrew talk about screening criteria they use for single-family and multi-family. [23:28] Brad discusses enormous companies coming in and buying up management companies and not managing them. [26:55] Can you tell us more about how you got involved with Rentprep? [30:11] Andrew speaks about using Rentprep for their tenant screening services. [33:48] Where are you going to take the podcast now that you are the host? [36:21] Andrew shares where you can find him if you want to talk. [38:04] Andrew speaks about some issues he has seen on the Facebook group. [39:45] Thank you for being on the show! Links and Resources: Property Management Mastermind Property Management Mastermind Group on Facebook adisarro@sccombank.com (619) 988-6708 (Allison DiSarro from Seacoast Commerce Bank) Seacoast Commerce Bank Second Nature NARPM Southern States Conference National Apartment Association NARPM Accounting Standards EZ Repair Hotline SureVestor Tenant Turner Citizen Home Solutions Rent Bridge    Find Andrew: Andrew Schultz Rentprep Podcast LinkedIn | Facebook
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