25 minutes | Aug 1, 2020

Introducing the Facilitators For The Roundtable Small Groups

Brad's guests today are four of the best minds in the industry, and they are discussing the small group roundtable that they have put together. These are the four initial facilitators that we brought in to work with the small groups. Visit www.managersroundtable.com to find the introductory pricing. The service is basically a crowdsource type of compilation on education, with eight in each small group. These groups will meet twice a month for six months, the sessions are structured and laid out by the facilitators, and they will all be recorded so that if you miss one, you will be able to catch up.  The four facilitators are Deb Newell, Paul Kankowski, Sarah Durbin, and Scott Brady. Listen as these four share what to expect at the small group roundtables, what they are each bringing, and the benefit they feel you will receive, making the cost insignificant. These roundtables will be small virtual intimate gatherings that will allow you to get inside knowledge from some of the best in the industry. You can't get this one-on-one education at a conference; you are getting it from your home. Sign up now while they are still offering the introductory pricing, and learning from this brain-trust, it will be like nothing you have ever been a part of.   In this episode: [01:54] Welcome to the show! [03:12] Brad introduces the four facilitators.  [04:08] Deb Newell shares her background and some of what you will experience at the group roundtable. [06:36] Paul Kankowski shares about his accountability groups what he will bring to the roundtable.  [09:40] Brad speaks about each meeting's structured nature that allows people to prepare before getting into the meeting. [10:18] Paul discusses his list for what he has planned for the roundtable groups. [11:30] Sarah Durbin shares her background and what she is excited to bring to the small group roundtables. [12:25] Sarah speaks about the small groups she has been in over the years. [13:43] Scott Brady gives an introduction and shares what he thinks the small group scenario will feel like. [15:34] Brad discusses why they are charging for the roundtable and where the money is going. [18:23] Deb shares the value she sees in this as a whole. [19:59] Scott will bring his SWOT exercise to the roundtable groups. [22:52] They all share some final thoughts for the listeners. [23:52] Thank you all for being on the show! Links and Resources: Property Management Mastermind Property Management Mastermind Group on Facebook adisarro@sccombank.com (619) 988-6708 (Allison DiSarro from Seacoast Commerce Bank) Seacoast Commerce Bank Second Nature NARPM Southern States Conference National Apartment Association NARPM Accounting Standards EZ Repair Hotline SureVestor Tenant Turner Citizens Home Solutions Rent Bridge  Managers Roundtable Deb Newell Facebook | Twitter  Paul Kankowski Facebook Sarah Durbin Facebook | Twitter Scott Brady Facebook
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