39 minutes | Sep 11, 2020

Becoming a Property Manager As a New Career with Tra Griffin of GKHouses

Have you ever wanted to do something different, take a chance, and change careers? Listen as Brad and his guest Tra Griffin of GKHouses discuss how Tra started property management as a second or third career. He came in as a COO from a different industry and helped GKHouses build their business on this episode of the Property Management Mastermind Show.   Tra talks about what he does for GKHouses, his background in the Marines and fitness, and how he got into the property management industry. Tra speaks about the differences and similarities between the fitness industry and the property management industry and how beneficial Culture Index can be to make sure you hire the best people.   Listen, as Tra discusses the operation challenges he faces when they take over different markets, how to hire strategically for tuck-in markets, and some challenges they had on the last acquisition GK did. Tra also talks about the in-house training that GK does for their internal employees to develop people to be better at their jobs and better people overall.   Brad and Tra share why they believe that the property management industry has been insulated during the pandemic, and where they see the industry going as they move forward post COVID. Tra has pivoted his career many times and always seems to come out on top, listen, and see if changing careers can benefit you.   In this episode: [02:43] Tra shares a little about his background and knowledge of the industry. [04:08] He speaks about what he does for GKHouses. [05:18] Tra came out of the Marines and went into the fitness industry. [06:46] Tra shares some big differences and similarities between the fitness industry and the property management industry. [08:47] Tra discusses the Culture Index and how beneficial it can be in any industry. [11:55] He speaks about the operational challenges that the COO sees when taking over different markets. [14:14] Tra discusses the tuck-in markets and being strategic when hiring. [15:33] What challenges did you face on the last acquisition GK had? [19:14] Tra says that he wants to figure out a way to bring on people with no property management experience to train them. [20:32] GK has created new in-house training to develop people to be better at their job and better humans. [21:53] What do you see in the property management industry as opportunities right now and in the future? [23:55] Tra speaks about the recurring revenue model and how it makes it possible to provide a great service for the owners. [27:37] Tra says that he is obsessed with creating a scalable process. [31:00] Tra speaks about having a leader that knows the market is essential. [33:42] Brad shares a story about WWII that parallels his point. [36:30] Brad discusses how deals are done in the property management industry. [37:37] Thank you for being on the show, Tra!   Find Tra: GKHouses   Links and Resources: Property Management Mastermind Property Management Mastermind Group on Facebook adisarro@sccombank.com (619) 988-6708 (Allison DiSarro from Seacoast Commerce Bank) Seacoast Commerce Bank Second Nature NARPM Southern States Conference National Apartment Association NARPM Accounting Standards EZ Repair Hotline SureVestor Tenant Turner Citizens Home Solutions Rent Bridge 
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