34 minutes | Jan 22, 2018

Episode 014 - Pastor Joshua Best on helping indie authors publish

 This was an unplanned interview with pastor Josh Best.  He is an author and runs a small publishing company called “Unprecedented Press.” Unprecedented Press helps indie authors self-publish and launch their books. Here’s how their website describes what they do:“Traditional publishers rarely bet on new authors, and vanity presses gouge them for services instead of investing in their success. This often leads a writer to self-publish, but the endeavor can be extremely difficult to do alone. [Unprecedented Press] exists to help our author-partners feel more confident in the process than they would on their own, produce a higher quality product than they could on their own, and have access to more people than they would on their own. Like a business partner, we’re here to share the load.”On this interview, we talk about the differences between Traditional Publishing, Self Publishing, and Vanity Presses.Find out more about Unprecedented Press at unprecedentedpress.com.Note: I cannot officially endorse Unprecedented Press. This interview was an impromptu conversation that I decided to record. But Josh seems like a great guy and some of my friends go to his church.
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