55 minutes | Dec 18, 2017

Episode 009 - Lori Ramsey on writing 50 Romance novels!

Lori Ramsey is a prolific Christian author who writes in 3 different genres under 3 different pen names. She writes non-fiction Christian inspiration and Bible Study, western historical romance, Christian romance, and even SciFi Fantasy.


She has over 50 books published under her three pen names and has also ghost written many more books. We talk about her journey and life lessons of being an indie writer and the commitment it takes.


Here’s some helpful writing wisdom from our conversation:


1) It’s your job! You need to carve out time and create a daily habit. 

2) If you love writing, you have to be committed. It’s your job!

3) Be patient. You will get better.

4) Be open to criticism and learn from it.


Connect with Lori at her website: AnnLaurel.com

Lori’s new Christian Romance series: http://a.co/aTLoMHN

Lori’s Etsy store for illustrations and book covers: Etsy Store

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