37 minutes | Mar 11, 2021

Samuel D. Gosling | What Does Your Stuff Show About You

Our guest on this episode Today is Samuel Gosling, a personality and social psychologist with interests in social perception, cross-species, and trends in psychology. In this episode, Sam and I discuss what snooping means, the different research he has done, and the differences in our personalities in the virtual and personal spaces.If you want my key takeaways on this episode and the show notes, head over to my website as well, which is programlife.org. Head over and click that subscribe or follow button as well right now on whichever platform you are using to listen to this so that you can be notified of all of the great content that I provide you guys, and also take your time to leave me a rating and review telling me what you liked the most in this episode. You can also follow me on Instagram yogeshprabhu2 and Twitter @yogeshprabhu03; that's enough plugging for me, So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
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