29 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Episode 2: The Profit Factor

When you choose to use your life coaching skills as a business, you are committed to making a profit. While there's a traditional definition of profits from the accounting world, Doreen has her own she'd like to share. In this episode, she'll walk you through her “10 indicators of profitability”.  Links: PROFIT FIRST Radical Coach Institute Instagram Quotes: “Understanding what you need to be profitable” – @DoreenRainey “How are you going to fund that lifestyle?” – @DoreenRainey “it costs something to run your business” – @DoreenRainey “What are the things that break your heart?” – @DoreenRainey Time Stamps: 02:25 – What is the “dictionary” definition of profit? 06:21 – “Profit First” system 07:39 –  The first 5 indicators of profitability 10:20 – “it costs something to run your business” – @DoreenRainey 16:36 – The second 5 indicators of profitability
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