40 minutes | Aug 18, 2021

Yvonne Heimann talks about ClickUp, Project Management and Patience

It’s personal building the right process for your business. ClickUp expert and business coach Yvonne Heimann shares how choosing the right tool will shift your business.From having been a German pub owner to now being a Californian business coach, Yvonne Heimann “sees systems everywhere”. I discovered her work on YouTube when I wanted to move over from Asana to ClickUp – and she massively helped me with this transition. Yvonne helps digital entrepreneurs increase profits and reclaim lost time by teaching how to implement proven processes, systems, using project management tools like ClickUp.As you can tell from our conversation, Yvonne knows her stuff when it comes to simplifying systems and building processes. Listen to find out more about her ‘Daily Method of Operation’, building a successful YouTube channel, why ClickUp is her favorite tool, using visual flow charts – and what it was like being brought up near the Berlin wall.  Talking Points Be clear on your ‘Why’ and ‘What’ Being a woman in the productivity industry How to find common values within your workflow Having patience with setting up your process Defining productivity across the US vs European culture Journaling and daily routines Tips on moving to a different project management tool Having a bigger picture with your process Quote "Look at the bigger picture, then drill down." Helpful Links Ask Yvi YouTube Ask Yvi Facebook Group AskVi.com Want to discover some of the books mentioned on the podcast? Check out Scribd, my reading app of choice.If you enjoyed the episode, please leave a rating and/or review wherever you listened to the episode. Also don't forget to check out all of our podcast sponsors found on our podcast sponsors page.If you enjoyed the episode, please leave a rating and/or review wherever you listened to the episode. And if you want to have easy access to the archives of the show and ensure you don't miss the new episodes to come then subscribe to the podcast in the app you're using – or you can do so on a variety of podcast platforms by clicking here.
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