86 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

#37: MARINA on Being a Nonconforming Pop Star, Redefining Success, Getting Political, and More

Marina Diamandis also known as MARINA and previously known as Marina and the Diamonds is a Welsh/Greek political pop star. She’s an incredible song writer with a voice that stops you in your tracks. It’s only after you get past the need to dance to her music that you realize in almost every one of her songs - she’s giving you a very important message. I’ve been listening to Marina’s music since high school…keeping lyrics like “if you are not very careful, your possessions will possess you.” as daily mantras. She just released her 5th studio album: Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land and has come back with evolved messages and music you won’t be able to sit still too.  For more MARINA you can listen to her music wherever you jam!  Check out her website www.marinaofficial.co.uk and on Instagram at @marinadiamandis
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