81 minutes | May 25, 2021

#29: Akin Akman on Building AARMY With an Athlete Mindset, Unlocking Your Power, and More.

Akin Akman is someone who some don’t believe is human. He is widely considered the world’s most successful group fitness coach over the last several years. His commitment to his athletes and his craft is practically unbeatable. We do in fact know he’s human though, because of his humanity. He is the co-founder and chief fitness officer of AARMY, a boutique fitness studio with in person and online practices. People go to AARMY to change their lives. Akin is an intentional coach and teacher who can turn even the most dedicated couch potato to an athlete.  Akin was a young tennis prodigy who started playing at 7, Training under legendary Hall of Fame Coach Nick Bollettieri. at 17 Akin sustained two serious injuries that led to his tennis career ending and healing journey starting. Bollettieri pushed Akman to reinvent himself as a Coach. Throughout this process he learned the importance of mental coaching, even more than physical coaching. And that is his secret sauce with his athletes, me included.  Akin trains our brains to train our bodies — and I think that is the biggest obstacle to overcome with pushing through exercise. In his own words, an athlete is a professional mover. And we were born to move. So, as professional movers, we are all athletes. We talk about who is an athlete, what it means to push through the struggle of doing what your body needs, how terrible injuries can turn into great journeys, and what it’s like to be one of the world’s best coaches.  You can follow Akin on Instagram @Akiniko and learn more about AARMY at www.aarmy.com  Video version of this conversation:  youtube.com/noor  facebook.com/noor  ——  It would mean so much if you could rate + review PODCAST NOOR!  I love reading what you have to say, and it is a great way to support.  You can also stay connected with me by subscribing to my newsletter: noortagouri.com/newsletter  If you want to go the extra mile, join my Patreon community: patreon.com/noor 
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