91 minutes | May 11, 2021

#27: dr. Yaba Blay on The Battle of Bi-Cultural Identity, The Story of America, Doing Work That Traumatizes You, and More

dr. Yaba Blay is the teacher we all needed growing up. dr. Blay, that’s doctor with an intentional lower case "dr." describes herself as the anti-academia-academic. Meaning, another system that needs reform.  dr. Yaba is a Ghanaian American scholar, speaker, cultural worker, producer and author. She wrote and art directed the stunning photography book: "One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race", that was originally self-published in 2013 and now rereleased with Beacon Press. She was also a consulting producer on CNN’s "Who is Black in America?" The conversation we have is a much needed one. One, I personally needed. Tears are shed and some healing goes on. You know, typical PODCAST NOOR style.  We talk about being first gen and the battle of bicultural identity, the story we were told about America, what it means to do work that traumatizes you, the relationship between corporations, how they approach anti racism work..and so much more.  You can enjoy “One Drop” by purchasing wherever you get your books! Video version of this conversation: www.facebook.com/noor www.youtube.com/noor —— For more Yaba Blay: twitter.com/yabablay instagram.com/yabablay www.yabablay.com —— It would mean so much if you could rate + review PODCAST NOOR! I love reading what you have to say, and it is a great way to support. You can also stay connected with me by subscribing to my newsletter: noortagouri.com/newsletter If you want to go the extra mile, join my Patreon community: patreon.com/noor And of course follow along on social media: instagram.com/noor facebook.com/noor youtube.com/noor twitter.com/ntagouri https://www.joinclubhouse.com/@ntagouri tiktok.com/Noor
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