49 minutes | May 8th 2020

Tips For Sourcing and Selling The World’s Most In Demand Product EP149

Welcome To Episode #149 of the Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast! In this episode I talk with Kara Atchison where we discuss tips for sourcing the most searched product in the world right now.  Listen to this Amazon FBA Podcast! [powerpress] Tips For Sourcing and Selling The World’s Most In Demand Product EP149 There is immense demand around the world right now for face masks. For months many governments, businesses, schools, hospitals and individuals have been trying to get their hands on N95/KN95 masks to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. In my opinion the demand for face masks is not going to suddenly go away. I think masks will be the new normal for many people around the world and there is still plenty of room an opportunity for sellers and entrepreneurs to enter this space. Currently face masks are the number one searched item on all of Amazon. If you want to jump into this market there are things that you should know and understand about selling face masks. If you fail to understand the basics then you may end up with counterfeit product which could end up costing you money.  If you can innovate and differentiate in this space then there is lots of opportunity for you. Many people are complaining that wearing masks isn't comfortable. Could you design a masks that fits better or has a slightly better design? Also I see masks becoming a fashion statement. Could you design a mask that looks cooler than the standard white version you often see? Check out this podcast where Kara Atchison joins to show to discuss what you need to know about proper sourcing of masks.   CONNECT WITH KARA ATCHISON Linked In  Lone Star Technology      Not a member of the Facebook Mastermind group yet? Join here!<---------- WANT ACCESS TO A FREE AMAZON TRAINING COURSE? RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:   SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW! I NEED YOUR HELP! If you felt you got any value out of this podcast, then please support me with an iTunes review. It's simple to do! Just click here to head to iTunes and leave an honest rating and review of the podcast. Every review helps! Tips For Sourcing and Selling The World’s Most In Demand Product EP149  
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