53 minutes | Jul 1st 2020

How To Get Tons Of Amazon Reviews In 2020

Welcome To Episode #151 of the Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast! In this episode I break down the different tactics and methods to acquire lots of Amazon reviews on your products. Listen to this Amazon FBA Podcast! [powerpress] How To Get Tons Of Amazon Reviews - EP151 As Amazon sellers know getting reviews on your products can be a frustrating process. Reviews are the lifeblood of Amazon's platform and in order to compete you need to have a strategy to be able to drive sales and reviews. In this podcast I will share both Amazon approved methods and off Amazon methods for acquiring lots of reviews. I will also discuss what you need to know about Amazon reviews in general as well as methods to stay away from. By the end of this podcast you should have a clearly strategy and understanding of how to properly ask for and get tons of customers to leave your product a review.   GET KEVIN KING'S FREEDOM TICKET TRAINING FOR FREE!     When you sign up for a Helium 10 paid plan you now get access to Kevin King's Freedom Ticket training course FOR FREE! The Freedom Ticket course normally sold for about $1,000. (huge value) If you aren't familiar with Kevin King he was on Episode 120 of my podcast. Kevin teaches lots of great advanced strategies that are really cool. Anyways.... If you were in the market for some top notch Amazon training then consider signing up for Helium 10 and getting access to Kevin's training course. FOR FREE!   Check Out Helium 10 Here: P.S. Also don't ever pay full price for Helium 10. Use my special link to get a huge discount on Helium 10 ====>>>> Exclusive Helium 10 Discount Link USE CODE: PLSHOW10 - for 10% off every month USE CODE: PLSHOW50 - for 50% off your first month SEE HELIUM 10 IN ACTION!   Not a member of the Facebook Mastermind group yet? Join here!<---------- WANT ACCESS TO A FREE AMAZON TRAINING COURSE? RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Helium 10 – A full suite of insanely powerful keyword tools designed to help you dominate Amazon and your competition. Find hot keywords to maximize sales, spy on your competition and so much more. Try it out and see how you like it. —> USE THIS LINK TO RECEIVE AND EXCLUSIVE LISTENER DISCOUNT    Boost Rooster – If you want to launch and rank products while easily gaining reviews using the power of ManyChat then this is the platform for you. I have used this software several times for product launches and I found it to be a very simple way to launch and rank products to the first page of Amazon. Boost Rooster needs to be a part of every Amazon sellers toolbox. GET 10% OFF FOR LIFE WITH CODE PLSHOW10OFF   Jungle Scout Web App – This is one of the premier Amazon product research tools out on the market now. This essential software will help you find and discovery new and hot product opportunities, track products, spy on your competitors and more. This is my go to tool right now that I use constantly. —> USE THIS LINK TO RECEIVE AND EXCLUSIVE LISTENER DISCOUNT    Jungle Scout Launch – This is what I am currently using for my feedback and follow auto-responder service. I can send messages to customers to ask for reviews and build value. You can also access the Jump Send deal site to help you launch new products and gain some traction so you can start ranking organically. Jungle Scout Launch is integrated into the Jungle Scout Web App. –>>Use this special link for a 14 day free trail of Jungle Scout Launch ManyChat – This is the number one chat bot platform for Facebook Messenger marketing. You can use Many Chat to help you build audiences to help you launch products and get reviews. When you have a ManyChat audience you have a powerful asset that you can keep using to help you build and grow your business. Messenger open rates are typically over 80% compared to about 20% for e-mail. SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW! I NEED YOUR HELP! If you felt you got any value out of this podcast, then please support me with an iTunes review. It's simple to do! Just click here to head to iTunes and leave an honest rating and review of the podcast. Every review helps! How To Get Tons Of Amazon Reviews - EP151
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