45 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

PEP 79: The Dirty World of Supplements & 7 Supplements Joe is Currently Taking

A 2016 survey estimated that the U.S supplement industry is at 122 billion dollar industry. With Americans getting fatter, sicker, and our healthspan's decreasing, we find ourselves turning to supplements, trying to reverse (or at least slow down) the aging process.  In episode 79, Joe discusses the 7 supplements that he is currently taking and breaks down why he is taking them. If you are interested in applying for our personalized nutrition program, email joe@primalexample.com. If you have any questions about the episode, send us a DM on Instagram and let us know.  Topics discussed include: How the HPA axis is responsible for stress management The hormones involved in the HPA axis stress response HPA adapt supplement The importance of Vitamin D3 The dangers of being vitamin d deficient Joe's seasonal D3 supplementation protocol  Vitamin D3 from Protocol For Life Balance Chaga mushroom boosting nk cell activity The calming effects of reishi mushroom How cordyceps mushroom improves athletic performance The neuroprotective properties of Lion's Mane mushroom Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs Zevia "soda" Episode 17: Alcohol to Choose, Mixers to Use, and how to Biohack Your Booze Our shilajit episode How shilajit can boost testosterone How shilajit increases fat burning The epigenetic effect of shilajit and how it can help skeletal muscle adapt to a new exercise program Episode 77: The CBD oil myth episode Shady product labeling by CBD oil companies The difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate Episode 67: The Mark Sisson Keto Reset episode The reason creatine is not JUST for bodybuilders How creatine can increase ATP production How creatine can increase cognitive performance The creatine Joe is currently using Joe's niacin detox protocol The benefits of niacin Why you shouldn't take niacin longterm The niacin Joe is currently using Thanks for tuning in to today's show! Follow us on Instagram and let us know what you thought of the show!
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