53 minutes | Sep 12, 2020

Brad Kearns

Elle Russ chats with her Primal Blueprint cohort Brad Kearns to the interview chair for a lively discussion on fantastic new fitness trends that will help you avoid breakdown and burnout and get more results with less stress. First, emerging research reveals that it's more important to just move frequently throughout the day. Next, you'll learn the proper way to conduct a high intensity workout--emphasizing repeat, high quality explosive efforts with more rest and less suffering than the widely misappropriated HIIT template. Brad also talks about his "MOFO Mission" to optimize male hormones and maintain passion and competitive intensity throughout life, including the role of healthy eating, stress-balanced living, and the supplementing with animal organs. You'll enjoy a sneak preview of Mark Sisson and Brad's upcoming book called Two Meals A Day.  Brad is a frequent Primal Blueprint podcast show host and also produces his Get Over Yourself podcast. He broke the Guinness World Record in Speedgolf at age 53 and is currently the ranked #1 USA and #3 world in the high jump for the age 55-59 age group. Learn more at bradkearns.com
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