62 minutes | Oct 11, 2020

Season 2, Episode 12: CIPR Presidential Election Special aka "The Heated Debate"

In this CIPR Presidential Election special of The PR Hub Podcast, Adam and Jon speak with the two candidates for the 2022 CIPR presidency, Rachel Roberts and Peter Holt. In a sometimes heated, sometimes sweary (but always insightful) debate, the two offer their opinions on the direction of the organisation, its diversity, whether it should merge with the PRCA, member benefits (or the lack thereof) and a whole lot more. Worth listening *especially* if you're not a CIPR member! Voting ends on Friday 16th October, so if you *are* a member get your vote in now! If you'd like to check out the two candidates, they're available on Twitter and LinkedIn; Peter is @PeterHolt99, Rachel is @SpotRachel. You can follow the pod on Twitter @PRHub, or Adam and Jon individually @AdamTuckwell and @JonWilcox_.
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