32 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

Episode 42: UFC Fighter Miranda Granger Discusses Her Pregnancy, Training and Mindset

Miranda “Danger” Granger is a UFC fighter, and now, a pregnant athlete who I’m getting to coach through her pregnancy and return to the octagon postpartum. She is one of our athlete brand ambassadors, so we will be following her through this season in her athleticism. This episode introduces her, and talks about her pregnancy, struggles, goals and overall approach. I think she will become your new (or first ever?) favorite UFC fighter. *** Interested in the pregnancy program Miranda is following? Find it here: briannabattles.com/pregnant-athlete Sign up for the FREE coaching workshop happening on April 20th (5pm PST). briannabattles.com/workshop Want to know when Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism opens back up for enrollment? Join the waitlist: briannabattles.com/waitlist
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