52 minutes | Feb 15th 2021

Episode 36: Michaela North on Being an Athlete, Mom and Navigating Surgery

On today's episode, I interviewed Michaela North (you may know her at @hungryfitness on IG). She is a coach, athlete, mom of 4 and has navigated competing through motherhood, rehabbing her diastasis and ultimately choosing abdominoplasty surgery. We talked about competing and what rehabbing a diastasis after twins and 2 additional pregnancies was like, and how the fitness culture has evolved for athlete moms. We hope this episode is super relatable and helpful for those in the trenches of pregnancy, motherhood, diastasis (or any symptoms/injuries), as well as a embracing an evolving fitness experience, making big decisions and recovering from surgery. 8 Week Postpartum Athlete Training Program: http://www.briannabattles.com/8weeks This is part 3 of a 4-episode series on abdominoplasty. Do you need help knowing if this is right for you? Many have been told that surgery is the only choice to resolve a diastasis, and this is simply NOT true. Please download this free ebook so you can feel fully informed about diastasis, what you can do, and if you choose surgery, this ebook gives you tools, context and resources for navigating: Diastasis Recti & Athleticism E-Book This episode sponsored by: Iconic grass-fed protein drinks.
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