30 minutes | Feb 1st 2021

Episode 34: Why I Got Abdominoplasty Surgery

Having an abdominoplasty is a significant choice, and it’s typically multifaceted. Unfortunately there is a LOT of misunderstanding around the choice and/or circumstance to get one, and even more stigma and shame. On this episode, I’m sharing what circumstances led me to have this surgery in February of 2019, and what struggles I experienced prior and after. This episode provides context for the many considerations that influenced my choice, as well as what to consider before getting abdominoplasty surgery. This is part 1 of a 4 episode series on abdominoplasty. Do you need help knowing if this is right for you? Many have been told that surgery is the only choice to resolve a diastasis, and this is simply NOT true. Please download this free ebook so you can feel fully informed about diastasis, what you can do, and if you choose surgery, this ebook gives you tools, context and resources for navigating: Diastasis Recti & Athleticism E-Book This episode sponsored by: Iconic grass-fed protein drinks.
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