25 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Episode 26: 5 Leadership Strategies that Actually Create Influence

Leaders have been tested this year and in order to be successful in our leadership roles (as coaches, as moms, as athletes) we must be adaptable. In this episode I am sharing how 5 leadership strategies that actually create influence. These are strategies that I use in my business to show up for my audience as a leader with integrity.

We are covering why personal and professional boundaries are important more than ever, how to trust yourself as a leader, why it's important to be likeable, and how to sell and share with integrity.

Thanks for being here today. I want to know your thoughts after this episode! Find me on IG @Brianna.Battles and share your takeaways or just that you listened. Head to the show notes for the links and resources from this episode!

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SHOW NOTES: www.BriannaBattles.com/episode26

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