38 minutes | May 25, 2021

S3 Episode 5 - Mark Schaefer on Cumulative Advantage

On this episode of the podcast, we spoke with Mark Schaefer, someone I’ve known for nearly a decade. We first met in 2012 after he published the best selling book “Return on Influence” while I was the CEO of influencer platform Kred.He’s also the author of the world's best-selling book on Twitter, The Tao of Twitter, as well as a raft of other books such as The Content Code about content marketing and “KNOWN” a book on personal branding. I was also fortunate to be featured in his “book “Marketing Rebellion" - an Amazon best-seller.His new book, "Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business, and Life Against All Odds" guides readers on a path that helps them stand out in a world of overwhelming information density -- when sometimes even being "great" is not enough.Filled with motivating ideas and fascinating case studies, Cumulative Advantage is an indispensable and practical source of inspiration for every person with a dream that’s ready to take flight.We had a fascinating discussion that I know you will enjoy.Topics covered included:The  genesis of influencer marketingHow we can all gain a cumulative advantageWhy it's time for marketers to be humbleThe opportunity for TikTokHow serendipity can play a huge role in your life and careerMark's view on the demographics for each social networkHow social media will fractureHow we now live in a world of infinite mediaHarnessing the era of unintended consequences for marketersResources:Azeem Azar's Exponential view Benedict Evan's NewsletterMore on MarkLinkedInTwitterBlogHis booksYour HostFor more on Andrew - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit PragmaticFuturist.co or follow @AndrewGrill
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