34 minutes | Apr 17, 2020

S2 Episode 7: Advice for running a company or working in one during Covid-19

In this special edition of the Practical Futurist Podcast, we spoke with Dan Ziv, CEO of Touchnote, a digital company that is providing a creative way for personal communication which I think we’d all agree is needed even more during this very challenging 2020.Dan runs a small company of 50 people, and we looked at how his company runs remotely, how he runs a company remotely and how his staff have responded to the challenges presented by the lockdown.We also covered a range of topics relevant for employers of any size as well as employees such as:Dealing with your team during lockdownChanges in consumer behaviour during Covid-19Why consumers want more meaningful ways to communicateChanges in strategy post Covid-19Disruption as a result of Covid-19Business models now and in the futureCommunicating and motivating staff during lockdownWhy efficiency and productivity is higher than everThe need for the team to take breaks while at homeRedefining the work-home boundariesUsing a "clock-in / clock-out" system while remoteThe "red cord" process to deal with major issuesAdapting agile processes when working remotelyWhere agile does not work for remote teamsKey learnings with remote teams - smaller is betterWhat does the future of work look like?Will working away from home become the norm?Adapting your current work from home policiesThe 3 types of employees and how to accommodate themEmployees who want a clear separation between home and workEmployees who are fine with the work from home life balanceEmployees who need flexibility depending on their life stageOffering a menu of options for employeesIn 12 month's time we will see the future of work really evolve?How working from home changes your perspective as a managerGetting work done as a CEO during Covid-19Setting your own boundaries as a CEOWhen work and home are the same place you need to force boundariesEmpathising with your team during lockdownA global downturn will change business prioritiesBenefit of hindsight - preparing for Covid-193 things you can do this weekHoard cashEnsure your key employees are comfortable and secureWork hard on mental and physical healthThis was a really eye-opening episode to record and I know you will find many practical tips in the episode. Why not listen while out exercising during lockdown?For more on Andrew - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit futurist.london or follow @andrewgrill
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