42 minutes | Mar 8, 2020

S2 Episode 5: The Future of Professional Relationships with Andy Lopata

So networking is all about going to events, collecting cards and connecting on LinkedIn right? Think again! Any Lopata provides some incredible advice about how to move beyond simple "networking" and develop strong professional relationships.On this episode you will learn:Why connecting is not enoughCreating a networking strategyThe Professional Relationship WheelUsing LinkedIn beyond simply connectingPersonal branding as part of a networking strategyFind out more about Andy hereWebsite: lopata.co.ukLinkedIn: Networking StrategyTwitter: @AndyLopataYour Host: Futurist Keynote Speaker Andrew GrillFor more on Andrew Grill - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit futurist.london or follow @andrewgrill
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