37 minutes | Feb 9, 2020

S2 Episode 3: The Future of The Internet of Things with Ron Rock from Microshare

The Internet of Things or IoT is probably the most-hyped technology behind blockchain - but what does it really mean and what are the uses of the technology.Practical Futurist Andrew Grill spoke with the CEO and co-founder of Microshare, Ron Rock - one of the pioneers of IoT.In this wide-ranging chat we looked at what IoT is, why it has been misunderstood and how is can be best used in a corporate environment.If you've ever wondered what IoT is then this is the podcast for you.We also covered:So what is the Internet of Things?The Sensor as a service companyDigital TwinningThe idea of good dataWhat sort of data can you collect with IoT?Facilities Management and IoTWellness in the workplaceData > insights from IoTIoT real-time data can drive SLAsHow cloud computing is driving IoT adoptionLow Power Wide Area NetworksIoT doesn't need to involve ITCustomers buy business solutions, not IoTThe 4 drivers of IoT successThe LoRa AllianceThe management challenge of sensors at scaleWafer thin margins help IoTMillennials expect a different work environmentCarbon dioxide sensors help wellnessSustainability + ESG + IoTAsset tracking and IoTNew innovations for IoTWearables: sensors in clothesWho owns my data?Multi-party data ownershipThe data value exchangeThree things for this week1. look at the wireless IoT devices available2. Try out wearable devices3. Start thinking about the positive uses of dataYour Host: Futurist Keynote Speaker Andrew GrillFor more on Andrew Grill - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit futurist.london or follow @andrewgrill
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