24 minutes | Jan 26, 2020

S2 Episode 2: The future of Podcasting with Minter Dial

With Podcasting now becoming mainstream, what is the future of this medium? To answer this question I spoke with one of the original B2B podcasters, Minter Dial who has produced a weekly show since 2010 with over 350 episodes to date.I first met Minter in 2012 and have been a guest on his show twice before.Minter first appeared on Series 1, episode 2 of the podcast to speak about Ethics and AI, so we were delighted to have him back as a veteran Podcaster to provide some excellent insights into how he got into podcasting, and why you should (or should not) start one and podcasts he listens to. We covered a number of topics, including:What got you into podcasting?Has Podcasting replaced Blogging?Don’t launch a podcast without a purposeThink about why you’re doing a podcastWill Podcasters become the new influencers?What can brands be doing with Podcasts?How do you produce a weekly show?Do you have a favourite guest?How do you find great guests?What should Podcasters avoid?What was the last Podcast you listened to?Making sense with Sam Harris PodcastWhat is the intellectual dark webHow do you discover new podcasts?What 3 things should companies consider when starting to Podcast?Internal Podcasts for internal commsWhy keep your Podcast internal?Who should I interview next and why?Three things for next week1. Get the right equipment2. Levelator audio software3. Listen to other podcastsPodcasts mentioned in this episode13 minutes to the moon More about MinterTwitter: @mdialBlog: minterdial.comPodcast: minterdial.com/podcastFutureProof bookHeartificalEmpathy bookThe Last Ring Home bookMinter’s Favourite GuestsDr Jack KreindlerThe Sleep Doctor - Mark RosekindMinter’s recommendationsThe Daily PodcastMaking sense with Sam Harris PodcastOvercast Podcast platformYour Host: Futurist Keynote Speaker Andrew GrillFor more on Andrew Grill - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit futurist.london or follow @andrewgrill
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