39 minutes | Jan 12, 2020

S2 Episode 1: The Future of Cyber Security with Nick Coleman from IBM

To kick off a new year and a new series of the Practical Futurist Podcast, we spoke about a topic the World Economic Forum has identified as one of the top global threats - cyber attacks, This episode features Nick Coleman who is IBM’s Global Head of Cyber Security Risk where he specialises in evaluating risks from cyber adversaries, digital transformation and regulation.Before joining IBM he served as The UK Government’s National Reviewer of Security, and authored “The Coleman Report” for the UK Parliament. Nick holds an MBA with distinction, and is a Fellow and Chair of Digital at the Institution of Engineering & Technology.He regularly advises boards around the world on digital leadership, and how to manage risk that results from traditional and emerging business models, and how to create trust and resilience.We spoke about topics such as:Where are we at in 2020 with cybersecurity?The WEF has designated cyber as a global riskThe average data breach takes 279 days to fixSpotting patterns to help detect attacksDo consumers care enough about cyber security?Should executives and the board be cyber aware?Getting business schools interested in cyber securityHow ready are you for a crisis?Running cyber fire drillsUsing AI to prevent attacksHyperpersonalised attacksThe employee as part of the 'last mile' of securityRemoving the friction from cybersecurityCloud security and GDPRThe 5 stages of responding to an attackAddressing the cybersecurity skills gapCyber role modelsWhat can small companies do to get ready?Three things to do this week1. Think about what is critical2. Think about what "good" looks like3. Who do you call when something bad happens?For more on Andrew - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit futurist.london or follow @andrewgrill
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